Monday, November 30

consider yourself kissed and loved by my words. i’m currently in amsterdam as you know, and i have been thinking about you. in portuguese we say sinto a tua falta. i miss your tenderness.
and our evenings chatting, saying nothing but shit. our dirtiness. all the good things in you.
well, i’m ok. i love this romance. this is an enchanted city. i like the water channels, people riding their bikes, the comfortable places, nothing extremely big, nothing extremely small. perfect shapes and sizes. nice nice nice warm people. handsome boys with beautiful noses.
i’m happy today. my friend filipa has butterflies in her belly. she found love in amsterdam. a lovely dutch boy with pretty eyes. it’s so nice to share happiness with people you really love, isn’t it? well, she deserves everything.
i’m staying here one more week, i need to rest and be away from my city for a while. the air has become unbearable to me. i have a good opportunity to do something right now, and i’ll get it.